Iron Man 3 Trailer - Sweded Via Thailand

Swedeing is one of those things you need to experience to appreciate it - the term refers to bargain-basement recreations of movies, or more often, movie trailers. The 2008 movie "Be Kind, Rewind" featured a story where, after accidentally erasing a bunch of VHS movie tapes, video store employees remade the movies on their own with predictable results. The term comes from the line in the movie that the recreated movies “take longer to arrive and cost more to make because they are from Sweden”. The Iron Man 3 example adds a little more, in that it was made in Thailand with an all-male cast (even the Pepper Potts character). It's cute to see how folk come up with solutions to big-budget special effects, and the one below is a good example of that (plastic models, body paint, fireworks, cardboard props and so on). The actual Iron Man 3 trailer is here.

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