Man Of Steel Easter Eggs

"Easter Eggs" in modern use are little tidbits or puzzles in software or movies that allude to some surprise to come, or perhaps just a pop-culture reference - examples would be the little teaser scenes at the end of movies like Iron Man and Captain America. The folks with sharp eyes have been scanning the trailers for Man Of Steel, the new Superman movie, and I have seen several articles about it's Easter Egg content. These folk must have a lot of time of their hands, and are obviously going through the trailer frame-by-frame to catch this stuff. One catch was a building featuring the LexCorp name - Lex Luthor being an arch nemesis of Superman, but who was not announced as being in this film (even though the actor who played an older Lex Luthor in the Smallville TV show is reportedly in the movie to some extent). See how deep this stuff goes? The latest one is even more obscure (at least to me), and refers to another DC comics character "Booster Gold" - and the reference appears in the background of a scene that lasts about a second in the trailer...

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