Superman's New Duds

Since Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the comic book character of Superman, the Man of Steel has gone through many changes. The very first incarnation of Superman was as a baddie, in the short story "The Reign of the Superman". He reappeared a few years later in Action Comics #1 as basically the character we are familiar with today - although there have been some changes. He did not originally actually fly but could jump to great heights, and over the years other powers have come and gone or changed in strength. Another physical change has been in his "work outfit" itself.

When mild-mannered Clark Kent gets down to business, he wears the famous blue leotard with red trunks, red boots, a cape and the "S" shield on his chest. The shield symbol, shield shape and color have all changed over the years - and in this year's movie we find out something that was hinted at in the first Christopher Reeve movie: the "S" is not an "S" for "Superman", but rather a Kryptonian symbol; a family crest, or glyph.

Just a few of the shield variations
In the forthcoming Man Of Steel movie, which is a reboot of the story from the previous movie versions, the suit colors are more muted, the shield is subtly different again, and the red trunks are no more. Oddly, to my eyes it does not look that weird - and I am not even a reader of the comics, where these sorts of changes seem to happen pretty regularly.

At least they didn't use the costume in the test below from a never-made possible Tim Burton Superman movie ("Superman Lives") with Nicholas Cage. I usually like both Burton and Cage, but - eeek!

NOT the new Man of Steel

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