This Does NOT Look Good On A Resume...

This is not a good way to get a favorable reference from a previous employee. A software programmer became disgruntled and handed in his two week notice. However, he also allegedly hacked the company network and was charged with causing $90k worth of damage. 
Meneses employed various high-tech methods to hack into the victim company’s network and steal his former colleagues’ security credentials, including writing a program that captured user log-in names and passwords. Meneses then used the security credentials of at least one former colleague to remotely access the network via a virtual private network (VPN) from Meneses’s home and from a hotel located near his new employer, corrupting the network. Meneses’ efforts ranged from using a former colleague’s e-mail account to discourage new applicants from taking Meneses’s position, to sending commands to alter the business calendar by one month, disrupting the company’s production and finance operations. The victim company suffered over $90,000 in damages as a result of Meneses’s intrusions.

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