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I have been using Windows 8 for a few months now. This is my second crack at it, as I had also used the preview version last Summer for several weeks and disliked it pretty intensely. This time around, it's tolerable; the OS runs well on my laptop, and I have grudgingly come to terms with the new UI (user interface). The one thing I still don't get though are the Apps. When you start up Windows 8, you arrive at the Start screen which shows your installed Apps - there are several already installed, and you can add both free and paid Apps from the Windows store, of which there is a growing selection.

The Apps I have tried are generally so limited in functionality as to be almost useless (to my mind). They may as well be bookmarks to web sites for all they do. While I realize the limited functionality is a sort of "feature" (specific Apps for a specific task), they just strike me as, well, kinda lame. I can see the idea for a tablet, but for a Desktop or even a laptop I am "forced" to see those dopey Apps first of all before I can do anything else. It's just...irritating. 

Okay, I feel better now - and an update; this article bears out a lot of what I found:
Over 70,000 apps and more than six months later, Microsoft still has a lot of work to do to turn Windows 8 into a credible tablet platform. It’s just immature — many popular and important apps are unavailable and many of the available apps aren’t as mature as the options available for other tablet platforms.
The number of apps isn’t the most important thing — 70,000 would be more than enough if they were the high-quality ones people wanted — it’s about which apps are available. Once you start looking at the Windows Store, it’s clear that using a Windows PC as a tablet will involve many trade-offs.

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