An Age Old Geeky Urban Legend Revisited

Many moons ago, Atari released a pretty ghastly video game based upon the the blockbuster movie ET The Extraterrestrial. The game was for the popular Atari 2600 cartridge-based home video game platform, but apparently the game was dreadful to the point of being pretty much unplayable, and most of the 5 million cartridges sold were actually returned to Atari. This was such a logistical problem that Atari reportedly took the blasted things to a landfill in New Mexico, crushed and buried them and poured concrete over the whole mess. That's the story and while Snopes lists it as "True", there is still doubt as to what really happened - it sounds too much like an urban legend. So, a film crew with a lot of time on it's hands is now going to try to track down the scene of the crime and exhume the evidence to settle the matter in time for the 30th anniversary of the dirty deed.

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