Music Production On The Computer

One of the very neat things about computers - both Windows and Mac flavors - is that because they are a platform that allows you to run a variety of software, there are many things they can do well. Music production is one of those things that might not be immediately obvious, and Lifehacker just concluded a short but informational series about just that, from setting up a home studio to mixing your final product. The authors speaks to hardware and software and gives an idea of the cost involved at each step, discussing products for both Mac and Windows PCs. The series of articles is also now available as a single download .PDF document: "Music Production Night School Complete Guide".
Just like learning an instrument and writing songs, the art of recording, arranging, and mixing takes time to learn. In this music production night school series we’ll introduce you to the basics, but you’ll need to continue to learn, practice, and develop a good ear in order to create great final mixes.

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