Photoshop For Fun And Art

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used, sophisticated piece of software used to manipulate digital images - the modern version of what used to be known as "airbrushing", if you like. Modern image editing software can do things that airbrushing never could, and the term "Photoshopping" has come to describe images that have been manipulated in this way, whether subtly or obviously. The relative ease with which one can muck around with original or existing photos has allowed a lot of people to express ideas in a new way, or to just be silly. The web site Worth1000 has a huge amount of user-generated content, and often runs contests - assignments, if you like - to see what their readers can come up with. A typical contest might be to show your favorite actor, singer or sports personality as a zombie, or to turn animals into deadly weapons. It's quite a trip at times, and is definitely a site you can waste a lot of time in.

Sesame Street a'la Rembrant

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