Steganography - Hidden In Plain Sight

Steganography is one of those things that when you first learn of it, it strikes you as a really cool process - which in fact it is.

Steganography is a word of Greek origin meaning "hidden writing", and in today's world typically refers to concealing data within some other kind of computer data; a photo, an mp3 file etc.

In other words, if we have a "secret" message to send to someone, we could send them an email with a photo attached which has the message invisibly embedded in it.

The recipient can "decode" the message with a password. While cryptography is the process of encrypting (scrambling) something to make it inaccessible without a password, steganography adds the twist that the encrypted file is also hidden within a different kind of file - the phrase "security by obscurity" is often used in this context.

If you want to try using steganography yourself, there are several free utilities to do this, including the open source OpenPuff.

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