The Last Days Of Google Reader, No Tears From Me

Google Reader, the popular RSS feed reading tool, is no more after July 1st. There are plenty of articles (and arguments) regarding alternatives, and on how to carry over your precious list of feeds and so on, but I have frankly being wondering what all the fuss is about. I know, I know - RSS Feeds (those updated snippets or "headlines" from your favorite websites) are very important to a lot of people; it's just that have never really used a reader. I follow quite a lot of sites, I just chose to do it in different ways. The three resources I currently use - and these vary a little over time - are Daily Rotation, ProtoPage, and the Live Bookmarks Toolbar on Mozilla Firefox (the latter being my longstanding favorite). None of these would really be considered feed readers, but they do just what I need - my two cents.

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