Windows Opera Users - UPDATE!!

If you are a Windows user of the Opera browser, you should make sure you have the latest version after a digital certificate on Opera's servers was tampered with. This may have exposed a relatively small number of Windows Opera users to malware problems.
According to Opera, it is possible that a few thousand Windows users using Opera between 1:00 and 1:36 UTC on June 19 may have automatically received and installed the malicious software. As a precaution, Opera stated, the company will roll out a new version of the browser using a new code signing certificate.
The breach shows the importance of heavily protecting cryptographic keys and certificates, said Jeff Hudson, CEO of data encryption management firm Venafi. "Organizations' failure to control and protect cryptographic keys and certificates, the foundation of digital security and online trust, leaves the front doors open for attackers to enter at will and pilfer whatever sensitive data they want, whenever they want," said Hudson.

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