Facebook To Become A Bit Noisier

At Facebook, seemingly the only constant is change; this time, look for 15-second video ads to start showing up in your news feed later this year. The Facebook folks seem to love to tinker with the interface and other aspects of the giant social network - usually eliciting much grumbling from it's millions of users. Of course, after we grumble, we just suck it up and press on.
The commercials will initially be sold on a full-day basis and can only be targeted to users based on age and gender, according to the people. That would be a break from how ad units are currently sold on Facebook, which lets marketers target ads based on location and areas of interest -- data points that television networks generally don’t offer. By relying on fewer categories, Facebook is mimicking the way television ads are purchased, an attempt to make the process more comfortable for executives accustomed to TV, the people said.

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