One Microsoft To Rule Them All

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a new slogan, a new paradigm: One Microsoft. The huge company employs nearly 100,000 people, and has long been known as a collection of divisions that don't necessarily work together as well as you might expect. It's a problem that has apparently frustrated Ballmer to the point where he is aggressively attempting to break up those fiefdoms in a massive reorganization - and the new emphasis is on "Windows everywhere".
Ballmer warned of a "fundamental shift" in Microsoft's business as he outlined his push towards a devices and services company just ahead of his riskiest product bet: Windows 8. The change wasn't immediately felt, but Thursday's reorganization seems to underline just how serious Ballmer is about changing Microsoft. After the departure of former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, many feared Microsoft was nervous about the future of Windows. In fact, it’s clear that a fortress has been broken down that prevented collaboration around the Windows software to power Microsoft's own devices, alongside third-party tablets, phones, and other hardware.

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