Smart Watch - You Better Want One

The next "big thing" - if we go by the frantic efforts of consumer electronics manufacturers - is the Smart Watch. Older readers may think of Dick Tracy and his wrist communicator, and you're probably not far off. The Smart Watch concept is usually that of a wearable interface for an existing smartphone. Apple has been patenting the iWatch name in various countries, and Sony actually has dibs on the name Smartwatch, with their Smartwatch II device due out soon. The Apple iWatch is subject to a lot of speculation, but it's unknown at this time if it is a self-contained device or not. The Sony device is an interface for an Android phone, and the first version was a bit underwhelming. Regardless, PC maker who are scrambling for new sources of revenue in the wake of the huge current slump in PC sales are pressing on, and also seeing some signs that smartphones are beginning to saturate their respective markets. So, you can expect to have the Smart Watch concept rammed down you throat for the coming year...

Dick Tracy's watch from the 1990 movie

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