5 Great Open Source Softwares

Open source software follows a particular philosophy as to it's distribution and ownership. For software to be considered a part of the "open source" model, it should follow this criteria:
  1. it must be freely distributed
  2. the source code must be included
  3. anyone is allowed to modify the source code
  4. any modified versions can be redistributed
  5. certain software licensing requirements
The upshot of all this that there is quite a wealth of good (often great) quality software available free of charge and without restriction.Here is a list of 5 great ones, many also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  1. VLC media player - plays just about everything
  2. Audacity - audio editing and processing
  3. OpenOffice - a complete "Office"-like suite
  4. GIMP - a sophisticated image editor
  5. Mozilla Firefox - the current number two web browser

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