Box Now Offers 10GB Free Storage

Cloud storage solutions, to my mind at least, have lost some of their lustre of late due to thoughts of the NSA possibly rummaging through our stuff at will. That aside, it's still a nice option to have some off-site storage (i.e. not just on a couple of DVD's in the back of a drawer in the den). If you suffer some kind of major event at home, you may at least be able to get most or all of your stuff back if you have such a cloud storage account.  Cloud storage provider Box now offers 10GB on it's free accounts, which is pretty good if you are not trying to back up HUGE audio libraries, or a lot of video files. Consider a single-layer DVD stores a bit less than 5GB, so you have the equivalent of a couple of DVD's worth of storage for no monetary outlay. Here is a round-up of personal cloud storage services from earlier this year.

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