China Hooked On Windows XP

You may have noticed I have an XP counter on this site - how many days till Microsoft officially stops supporting Windows XP. After then there will be no more official patches, and the aging OS will begin to be a real liability as far as security is concerned. However, there are still a lot of XP computers out there - especially in China, who looks to be facing a real potential problem next year.
In the U.S., for example, 16.4% of all personal computers ran Windows XP in July, or about one in six, Net Applications' data showed.
But in China, where XP remains king, 72.1% of the country's computers relied on the soon-to-retire operating system last month, or nearly three out of every four systems. In any XP doomsday scenario, that means China is in a position four times more precarious than the U.S.

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