Guardius Gives Browser Add-Ons The Once Over

Browser add-ons can be very useful - they can add functionality and features and help you get the most out of the web. They can also slow things down and cause crashes - but it's sometimes hard to know which ones do which, without a lot of trial and error. Enter Guardius, which analyzes your add-ons and uses "crowd sourcing" (in English, the opinions of a lot of other users) to help you make informed decisions as to which one are worthwhile and which may not. It's still very much in the early stages, but sounds promising.
Following a short closed beta period, the Guardius open beta phase is opening today for the first 100,000 users who sign up, with the full public version expected to launch next month. In a nutshell, Guardius lets users manage and control their add-ons and toolbars that have been installed on their Web browser. In theory, Guardius should get better over time, as more people install the app. It monitors who’s uninstalling which add-on, and presents this data (anonymously) to other users.

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