A Geeky Look Back At Magnetic Tape

The Register has a geeky look back at the history of magnetic tape, in all it's many iterations. I still have very fond memories of my TEAC reel-to-reel deck back in the 70's that allowed my buddy Colin and I to record and overdub ourselves playing guitars and singing for our own amusement. While "singing" may be a bit of  a stretch in my case, Colin actually went on to put out a CD with some friends in later years!
Today [9/9/13] marks the 80th anniversary of the first patent filing for a magnetic tape recording medium, though the tech I worked with was a bit more recent than that. Still, it has been quite some time since I last went shopping for tape.
I recall the last time as being a deal on a load of JVC miniDV cassettes that I still haven't worked my way through. So my browsing for analogue reels from a bygone era was surprisingly saddening. Like a stroll down a small town high street, where were those names that I used to know?

Ampex, BASF, 3M, to name a few, were once essential ingredients in music making. You want the best 16 or 24-track recording quality? Haul a 2-inch tape onto the deck, lace up and away you go.
Don't know if this is the same model I had, but it looks like it...

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