Microsoft: "Hey, Nokia - Here's 7$ Billion..."

TheRegister - Microsoft is paying €5.44bn in cash (about $7bn) for the once-mighty Finnish mobile phone company's Devices and Services business and for the licensing of Nokia’s patents.
Let's look at the counter-Google armaments Microsoft already has in its weapons store:
  • We have Bing, Microsoft's search engine, going up against Google's own search tech.
  • We have Azure going up against the Google cloud.
  • We have Microsoft's SkyDrive product going up against Google's cloud storage.
  • We have the Windows family of operating systems – PCs, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones – going up against Google's Android device software.
  • We have the Internet Explorer browser going up against Chrome.
  • We have Microsoft Office going up against Google Docs, etc.
Read the rest at TheRegister: "Microsoft - do you really think you can take on Google with Nokia?"

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