PGP Inventor On The Surveillance State

Way back in 1991, Phil Zimmerman brought us PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), an encryption/decryption package that is still in use today. He knows a bit about the subject of encryption. In this article from Gigaom, he gives his thoughts on the current state of crypto and the user of Open Source products in light of the ongoing NSA revelations.

Zimmermann said that media needs to have a perspective about the “breaking-the-encryption” disclosures made by The New York Times, ProPublica and The Guardian. “From a mathematical perspective, the crypto still works,” he said. The fact to note is that NSA has been able to find a way around encryption. “Think of it is as instead of blasting through a steel door, you can break open the glass window next to it and put your hand in and open the door,” he said.

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