Raspberry Not Pi In The Sky

Ben Hess put up an article on ZDNET that I took exception to, regarding the Raspberry Pi single board hobbyist computer. The article is titled "How I Spent Almost $150 On A $35 Computer". The premise of the article is that the Raspberry Pi is somehow falsely perceived as a $35 computer, and that it will "costs between four and ten times that much, depending on what you have to buy to make it work". While I don't argue with his numbers, the surrounding argument is silly. You are not buying a desktop computer or a laptop; you are buying the foundation of a hobby project; like buying a motor then building a car around it. The kind of geeky folk who buy these little marvels (like my future son-in-law) know full well what they are getting. They have something in mind, and the Pi forms the basis of whatever doohickey they have dreamed up. Take a look at these example projects; I'm sure all of them cost considerably more than $35...

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