Audiobooks Are The Bomb

Once again, I am late to the party - which seems to be my modus operandi in so many areas of my life; this time, I have just discovered the joy of Audiobooks. My wife always teases me because she is a voracious reader and I am not. There was a time in my life when I did read a lot, but probably not for the last 20 years - my internal rationalization is that I don't have time. Audiobooks take that excuse away, as I have a 30-plus minute commute to and from work each day and I have the ability to play audiobooks from my USB stick in my car. 

It has honestly been a revelation; I just recently completed Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel Dune, a book I tried to read years ago but gave up because of the (perceived?) complexity. There is something about listening to talented voice actors bringing life to a story that really does it for me.

Now, it does matter that the audiobook reader has the ability to do justice to the material, so bear that in mind too - but when it works, it's great.  Out of the 7 or so audiobooks I have completed over the past couple of months (all Sci-Fi stuff so far), 5 have been great, one was superb, and one was okay in terms of the reading part - but certainly still enjoyable, because the story itself won out. 

You can find some "amateur" (and free) readings on Youtube, and some are quite good - I listened to Ender's Game this way. Others are available free or paid; Techsupportalert has a list of free eBook and Audiobook sources, and of course sites like Amazon, iTunes and can be used to purchase and download a wide variety of titles.

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