Halloween Must Be Coming...

...because we are seeing a bunch of "creepy" stories making the rounds, and this one caught my eye in particular. I'm not giving a link to the site (you can search for it easily enough if you want, there is an article on CNET about it), because this is the kind of thing that might drive some people to worry themselves sick - plus it sounds like a scam to me. The site basically answers the question few of us probably ask, but may be important to you - has anyone died in my home? The site allows you to put in your address, pay $12, and find out if anyone has died there - with a lot of disclaimer, according to the CNET story. Now, it could be someones beloved grandma slipped off peacefully after a long and happy life, or it might be something else - or it might be bunch of crap.  

'Tis the season to talk about ghosties...


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