One Day, Two New Operating Systems

We computer types have an embarrassment of riches today; the release of new versions of two upgraded operating systems, in Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Linux 13.10. Scoffers may take umbrage at my mentioning Windows and a Linux distribution as if they on an equal footing - but in many ways they are (if not in market share); both may not deliver all that was expected or hoped for, at least this time around. Windows 8.1 adds some polish and tweaks some features of Windows 8, but it may be cold comfort to those who already felt alienated by Microsoft's attempt to bring a touch interface to Windows. Ubuntu already made a move towards a touch future with their Unity interface in previous releases, and this time around they were supposed to introduce a new display server, XMir, but that has been pushed back to Ubuntu 14 - so another case of tweaks and polish. Both better, both tweaked, but maybe not quite there yet...

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