Rolling the Dice With Windows XP, Chrome and Firefox

Windows XP is losing official support from Microsoft in April of 2014, meaning that it will in a real sense be a "dead" operating system; no more security updates will puts users at risk for security exploits and the like. Interestingly, both Google and Mozilla have indicated they will support XP with their Chrome and Firefox browsers after Microsoft drops their official support for the OS. In one sense that's good, in that you can be sure that your browser is as safe as it can be for some length of time after the fact (assuming you use one of those two as you primary web browser). In another though, might it lull people into a false sense of security - while a browser is the major way most people interact with the Internet (and all it's perils), if the underlying OS becomes less and less secure through lack of updates, then it seems like that could be a problem for a lot of folk.

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