Star Trek Continues - The Sixties Are Calling!

A new fan-made project takes a stab at continuing the original voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise - who, if you fellow boomers may recall, only actually made it through 3 years of their "5 year mission" when the show first aired on NBC in the 1960s. The new effort is called Star Trek Continues and the first episode is "Pilgrim Of Eternity" and is available to watch online. They decided to do a straight homage to the original series ("TOS" as fans refer to it), and all the characters are there: Kirk, Spock, McCoy etc. Scotty is played by Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan, the original actor (a nice touch), and Sulu may be familiar to Mythbusters fans...

The show looks and sounds almost exactly like the 60's show, cheese and all, which is the point. It's not a copy per se, but more of a loving recreation of lighting, camera angles, special effects, sets, dialog and costumes. They even managed to bring back a character from the original series in the first episode - played by the original actor, no less. I watched it, and after a few minutes became quite absorbed, and enjoyed it more than I even expected to. My only distractions were that the Spock character seemed less of a presence that Leonard Nimoy's version, and the actor playing Dr. "Bones" McCoy looked disconcertingly like Stephen Fry to my eyes. Nevertheless, a job well done to all concerned.

The first epsiode is on YouTube here. Episode 2 "Lolani" is available here.

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