Another Suspect Set Of Toolbars

Toolbars are a bit of a blight, as far as I am concerned - you know, those little "strips" that mysteriously appear at the top of your browser after you have installed something or other (Java updates, for example). Only a few of them, in my opinion, actually give any true functionality; most are at least useless and at worst contain malware. Well, here is another wrinkle - how about a toolbar that ("legally") installs a bitcoin-mining engine on your computer? Not only does it slow down your PC, but you don't even get any of the "benefit" of the bitcoin mining process. Nice.
...the Myfreeproxy toolbar add-on is designed to let users easily toggle a proxy server, allowing them to anonymise web browsing or watch foreign internet streaming broadcasts such as Hulu or Netflix US.
However, buried in plain sight in the end user licence agreement (EULA) is a clause giving the program permission to install a Bitcoin miner on the user's machine. Given the immense amount of computing power required to mine Bitcoins, the infected machines have to join a botnet to produce the cyber currency in any appreciable amount.

Well, there's your problem...

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