Sunday - We Hardly Knew Ye

I must confess I missed this particular meme (or advertising ploy). I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes, and if something has not been around for more than a few days it may well escape my attention. Although in my defense, my wife and I do enjoy the Animal Planet "Puppy Bowl" - so I guess there is hope. was gone almost as soon as it came. For three days, people passed around the link to that gave them a glimpse into a holiday idyll: a grandmother and an elf, surrounded by cats fluffy and sleek, who teased the sweater-swaddled animals with toys as an old-timey Christmas soundtrack played in the background.
On December 6 at 5pm, it was reduced to a loop of past footage.
It looked for all the world like a public access channel holding pattern, with only a couple more accoutrements than the looping video of a fireplace set to holiday carols. It combined that comforting, if artificial, display with one of the Internet’s greatest gifts: animal cams. Not only was the set replete with cats, but with people to play with them. They were also available for adoption (the cats, not the people).
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