Cubli, The Weird Walking Cube

If you ever played with a gyroscope, you know if can be pretty mesmerizing and seems to have a mind of it's own; when you try to move them while they are spinning, they "resist" the change - kinda disconcerting. Well, if you lash together some gyroscopes and some computer stuff, you end up with the "Cubli".

Swiss researchers have created a metallic cube that can "walk" across a surface. Staff at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich crammed a series of inertia sensors and constantly-spinning rotors (called reaction wheels) into a 15-centimeter cube, dubbed Cubli, that enable the contraption to move around on its own. When one or more of the weighted rotors abruptly stops spinning, the machine sort of jumps on its edge -- all thanks to centrifugal force. Once upended, the rotors act like a gyroscope to maintain Cubli's position. Halt another wheel and things get really crazy: the device defies gravity, tipping up and balancing on one of its eight corners.

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