Microsoft's Scroogled Campaign Presses On

Microsoft's adverting blitz war of words against Google is pressing on. The negative campaign (have you been "Scroogled"?) is of course, perfectly legitimate, if a little too urgent and desperate-sounding. The latest video features some "man in the street" interviews concerning a Google Chromebook laptop, which seems to be the latest focus of Microsoft's ire. It strikes me as kind of odd that Microsoft is berating a modestly-selling competitor with such vigor, but what do I know?
The Chromebook is wheeled out in front of bemused passers-by and shown to be unable to complete some tasks while not connected to the internet and not running Windows.
Other passers-by are polled on whether they have one, know anyone who has one, or has ever seen one in use. The answer to all of these questions is always a rather firm "no".
This is not surprising. If people were to wax lyrical about the Chromebook to a camera crew and interviewer on Microsoft's payroll their responses would be very unlikely to make it out of the cutting room.


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