Playing Flash In IE11 Is A Little...Cranky

If you're having problems getting Flash sites to display properly in Internet Explorer 11 -- whether you're running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 -- you aren't alone. The support forums are clogged with complaints, citing different symptoms, from sites (including YouTube) that don't render properly and/or freeze completely to BSODs to repeated, bogus exhortations to download the latest Flash player. Microsoft hasn't come up with an explanation, much less a fix. The IE patch delivered on Black Tuesday earlier this month was supposed to help, but it doesn't. The only solution that seems to work: Use Firefox or Chrome.

To understand the nature of the problem, it helps to know the history. Adobe Flash has long been one of the three primary infection targets for Windows PCs, with Adobe Acrobat and browser-based JavaScript providing the other favored vectors. Adobe was never able to plug the security holes, and Windows customers suffered.

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