SugarSync Dropping Free Cloud Backup Service

I don't have large amounts of data to back up, either on my laptop or on our family PC. That works hand-in-hand with my inherent cheapness, allowing me to use the free plans of a couple of online backup services, including SugarSync. Alas, SugarSync is going paid-only, starting in February 2014.
Thanks for using SugarSync. We wanted to let you know that beginning on February 8th, 2014 we will transition to a paid service. In order to continue using SugarSync you will need to upgrade your account.
Making this change is something we’ve planned for a while. It will allow us to serve you better and add features that will help SugarSync users get more from the service.
I can't really blame them; they are just clearing out the dead wood (like me) in order to offer the service to more users, and to make some money - that's the whole point after all. It's a good service, and the couple of times I have needed to use it, it has worked well, with no problems. The paid for SugarSync service starts at around $20 per year for 60GB, which is not to be sneezed at.

For an alternative service with similar functionality and with a free 5GB account option, you may look to Bitcasa (which I did).

All good things, and all that....

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