Tricky Thieving Trojans Tripled In 2013

Online thieves had a successful year in 2013, infecting three times as many computers, targeting a broader collection of nations' financial institutions and branching out into bitcoins, according to the latest analysis by security firm Symantec.

In a report surveying the impact of financial Trojans–the malicious software used to compromise consumers' PCs and steal money from their bank accounts–Symantec discovered 237 percent more infections in the first nine months of the year, compared to the previous year, the company stated in a blog post.

While the owner of an infected computer may not necessarily be a victim of financial fraud, their accounts are in much higher danger, Vikram Thakur, a researcher with Symantec Security Response, told eWEEK.

"They have been infected, so they will likely be a target," he said. "These are not idle threats; we know the threats work, because we've seen the code."

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