Is This Man A Glasshole?

Glasshole is the unfortunate moniker directed at some wearers of the Google Glass device. While Glass is not yet for for sale to the general public, there are quite a lot of people "beta testing" them, in effect - although they paid for the privilege of doing so. A man in Columbus, OH was "taken to the back room" of a local movie theater after wearing his Glass device to a movie. The assumption appears to have been that he was recording the movie, as Glass does allow for video and still photography via the wearable device. That's not the whole story, though:
The Glass wearer, who asked not to be named, said he and his wife went to the 7:45 p.m. showing of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit at the AMC Theater at Easton Town Center.

Because he had added prescription lenses to the computer-in-eyeglass device a few weeks ago, the 35-year-old man wore it into the theater. About an hour into the show, someone official-looking flashed a badge and told the man to come with him, he said.
Read the rest of "Google Glass Wearer Interrogated, Removed From Easton Movie Theater" at Dispatch.com

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