No More LogMeIn Free - Now What?

LogMeIn Free was a nice solution for remotely accessing and controlling another computer, but they have decided to drop the free option and are going paid subscription only. I have used LogMeIn Free for several years for our home PC, and it has proved very useful for various things; it ran as a Windows service, and was very easy to set up and use. I don't mind paying for a service like this, but as I don't use it a lot it's hard to justify. So, what are the alternatives? For individual, one-time connections - to assist a family member or friend, for instance - I usually use (also by LogMeIn) which is still free, easy to use and more than satisfactory. Bear in mind, you need someone "at the other end" (the remote PC) to initially use, whereas something like LogMeIn Free was always ready to go. Lifehacker has some ideas and Gizmo's Freeware site has some other suggestions too, and as usual the comments following the articles have some good insights as well.

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