Debian, Systemd And The Sausage Factory

There is an old truism that you probably don't want to see how the sausage is made, it that probably holds true for Linux as well. The Open Source kernel and associated operating systems are largely "done by committee", and as such can be subject to idealogical and personality clashes. There are turf wars of a kind, and sometimes a desire to keep as close as possible to the Unix roots of Linux. 

The recent debate among Debian developers or whether to go forward with Systemd or with Upstart for it's start up and shut down routines is a good example of the sausage being made in an uncomfortably public manner. While it's not unusual for people with strong opinions to disagree, the stakes may have been higher and the pressure more acute since Debian forms the basis for many popular distributions such as Ubuntu, and it's own offshoots.

The Debian committee's decision to go with systemd was eventually embraced by Canonical head Mark Shuttleworth, after some initial harsh words; so Ubuntu will also use systemd from this Fall's version, 14.10.

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