Flash! Uh Oh!

Adobe issued an unscheduled critical update for Flash Player Feb 4th, to address a zero-day vulnerability. Recently, Adobe has coordinated their updates with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, on the second Tuesday of each month. However, this time the problem is apparently serious enough to warrant an "out of band" patch. The vulnerability affects Flash Player on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Flash deployments have changed in recent years and are no longer made up entirely of users manually downloading and updating Flash. Google Chrome users benefit from having Flash directly integrated with the browser. Chrome has an automatic update process that will be updating users to a new version of Chrome that includes the updated Flash component.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 and 11 also both directly integrate Flash. New updates from Microsoft for both browsers will include the new patched version of Adobe's Flash Player.

Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari Web browsers do not directly integrate Adobe's Flash Player. Users of those browsers can choose to manually download a new version of Flash from Adobe's site if needed.  Many Adobe Flash Player users, however, are likely to also be automatically updated if they enable automatic updates in Flash, which is a user option.

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