Netflix On Linux - You Can Do It!

Viewing Netflix streaming programming depends upon Microsoft's Silverlight plugin, which does not work natively with Linux - and Netflix does not seem to be in any big rush to address that anytime soon. Boo, hiss! No matter, ILoveFreeSoftware has a handy-dandy guide to using Pipelight, which allows the installation of "Windows only" plugins with Linux browsers.
Pipelight has published detailed instructions about installing Pipelight and enabling Silverlight here. However, these might be a bit complicated to read, and I recommend instead going through this fantastic tutorial on MakeUseOf.
Pipelight works with most of the popular Linux flavors, including, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian, OpenSuse, Slackware, SteamOS, etc. The sources mentioned above will help you in installing Pipelight on these versions of Linux.
Read the whole shebang "How To Watch Netflix On Linux" over at IloveFreeSoftware. Nice!

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