Why Apple Is Not Done Yet

There have been murmurings and grumblings recently that some feel Apple may have left it's glory days behind it; since the passing of visionary strong man Steve Jobs, there seems to be less juice, less innovation in the California-based company. The iPhone and iPad devices went through some evolutionary, rather than revolutionary changes in the past few cycles. There's no real sense of anything big on the horizon - or is there?

Nope, no iCycle as far as we know...
The Apple iWatch, if that is indeed what it will be called, has been the subject of much speculation - from the promise of some kind of almost magical health monitoring device (heart attack predictions!) to a less radical iPhone accessory. So, that's one thing that is coming down the pike, less interesting perhaps because of the oncoming rush of Android-based smartwatch devices. One test for this may be to see if it retains the Apple pananche, or if it is just another device.

Even discounting the iWatch, Apple generally keeps very quiet about upcoming technology; people usually pick up scraps of information via patent applications, reports from hardware manufactures, or even ads for certain types of programmers or engineers seen in trade papers or on websites.

In fact, over the last year-and-a-half, Apple has acquired some twenty-three technology properties with a view to...what? Sometimes we can get a sense of what the purchase of company X may have meant with the gift of hindsight, but in terms of prognostication, it's not always an X + Y = Z sort of correlation.

In some cases, it may be Apple makes an acquisition with a definite project in mind, in others they may be simply investigating a fledgling technology to see if anything marketable may come of it. The fact that they have scooped up a couple of dozen properties is a short period points to plenty of skullduggery still going on in the Apple skunkworks. 

They just are keeping mum about it all.

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