Crackdown On Those Who Deny Climate Change

Those who question the certitude of man-made climate change - formerly global warming - are being manhandled into the same box as flat-earthers and other "heretics". It's another example of an unsettling trend we seem to be following, where those who don't fall into the currently-accepted "norm" are labelled and marginalized. If you are a white person with few or no friends of color, you are a racist. Conversely, African-Americans may be labelled as an Uncle Tom if they behave "too white", and those who disagree with the concept of same-sex marriage are of course raging homophobes. 

I find this "us" and "them" thinking to be disturbing; it's the kind of sentiment that can be whipped up by those unsavory types who enjoy employing those sorts of tactics to meet their ends. I personally do not enjoy arguing with people, but I do like being able to have an opinion without it seemingly falling into the area of a "thought crime".
...the majority of the scientific community firmly believes that there is such a thing as man-made climate change. From there, we could have a discussion about how profound the effects of climate change are, whether they're actually better or worse, what other contributing factors might be in play in impacting climate, and all the rest, and those would be worthy conversations to have. What we shouldn't do is try to use the law to silence dissenting opinions, particularly if those opinions come in the form of scientific research.

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