John McAfee Launches Android Audit Utility DCentral1

John McAfee, technology entrepreneur, eccentric, and one-time murder suspect, now brings us an Android App that is filling a real need. He has not be associated with the antivirus company bearing his name since the mid 1990's, and now brings us an app that audits the permissions of installed apps on Android devices. Some app permissions can be almost shockingly invasive, and could be considered to be operating more like malware on a Windows computer. 

The new app, named DCentral1 is available free from the Google store. After a brief scan, the utility presents a sortable list of the apps it was able to evaluate, and offers a both an overall score (higher is "worse") and a breakdown of the permissions the particular app currently has. While the affected permissions are usually presented as Android Apps are installed, the sense is that most people just blast through the install process, and it may take some thing like this to let them them see that app xyz has access to your camera, can read and send out text messages, etc.

Knowledge is power, as they say.

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