Windows 8 Not So Ghastly On A Touch Device?

I don't like Windows 8 - or more specifically, I don't like the new interface. I think it was a surprisingly heavy handed attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole, at least for home and business users with traditional desktops and laptop computers. By "traditional", I mean ones without touch sensitive displays; on those computers, the Windows 8 user interface is tiresome and obscure. The Surface tablets make a bit more sense, although those lumbered with the "RT" version of Windows 8 are still pretty lame. 

Having said all that, I did see a rather cool implementation of the full Windows 8, but on a small Nexus 7/iPad style tablet device from Dell (The Dell Venue 8 Pro) - and just watching someone use it for a couple of minutes, it actually made sense and seemed to work well. I guess I was not quite aware of that form factor being able to run the full Windows 8, rather than the RT version. Maybe I dislike Windows 8 a little less....

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