Happy Birthday, BASIC!

10 LET "date" = "1st May 1964"
20 LET "place" = "Dartmouth College, New Hampshire"
30 PRINT "John G Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed BASIC"

BASIC was designed to allow users of the Dartmouth college timesharing mainframe to write programs, even if they weren't fluent in the computer programming languages of the day.

Like all good languages it had a diverse derivation, a mixture of Fortran and Algol 60 with a few other influences thrown in. As its popularity grew, a range of dialects emerged, ranging from Sinclair BASIC, where each command was assigned its own key on the keyboard, to Microsoft BASIC, which was installed on many early IBM and IBM compatible personal computers, what we know today as the PC.

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When men were men and programs were on punch cards

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