Net Neutrality Nonsense

I'll be honest; I am so sick of the phrase "Net Neutrality" I could stick a fork in my eye. It's one of those topics that has risen to the level where one side yells "black!" and the other "white!", and there is little or no actual meaningful discussion. The sides are lined up and they are not moving. What's worse, there is not a damn thing I can do about it; I am at the mercy of these yo-yos, and will be left with whatever (probably crappy) "solution" they come up with.

...yesterday's FCC vote concerning the NPRM on "open internet" rules was really just the start of the process. A lot of people seem confused by this -- and part of the problem is really the FCC. Tom Wheeler keeps insisting that the rules are designed to protect net neutrality and the open internet, but as lots of people keep pointing out, the rulemaking he's proposing would likely do the opposite. Because of that, you get a ton of confusion, perhaps best shown by a simple comparison, put together by Drew Oden on Twitter of the summary from both the NY Times and the Washington Post about what happened:

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