The Beats Goes On

The news that Apple apparently intends to buy Beats Electronics for over 3 beeeellion dollars seems to be flummoxing the pundits and bloggers, and it's kind of fun to see them all sputtering and stuttering, struggling to find "the reason". One things is certain; that Beats founder, rapper, producer and entrepreneur Dr Dre did GOOD.
Some say it's because Apple is "afraid" for its music mindshare. Or it's because Apple wants to fight Spotify. Maybe it's because people are buying a pair of headphones that "replaced white earbuds as a status symbol." It's because Apple wants to maintain its cachet with the youth of today. It's about reaching out to Android users. It's because Beats investors are looking to make a quick buck. It's an April Fools' joke with the wrong date on it. It's a completely unfathomable mystery, like crop circles or Stonehenge.
The upshot is that nobody really knows what Apple is thinking, though that never keeps anyone from guessing. It's the largest acquisition in Apple's history, which lends it an air of significance, but that significance isn't immediately obvious. It's fun to imagine a future in which iPhones and Macs have big Beats logos emblazoned on them, but that's probably not going to happen (the reverse, an Apple logo slapped somewhere on Beats headphones, seems more likely).

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