Ubuntu 14.04 And The Steam Installation Faux Pax

The release of Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) brought Long Term Support (LTS) as well as some other features, such as the ability to install the Steam gaming platform from the software center. However, the realization of this appears to be rather shoddy, and one hopes Canonical will fix this quickly as it smacks a bit of "amateur hour" - particularly as the Steam availability might draw in some new folk to the Ubuntu fold. The Linux Action Show #309 pointed out four main issues when trying to install Steam from the Software Center:

1 - two Steam items are shown, one of which is broken
2 - the install process refers to purchasing Steam (which is actually free)
3 - it also requires an Ubuntu One account (which is being discontinued)
4 - if you download the Steam .deb package from Valve, double clicking on it will launch the Software Center, which then will not complete the installation

These are all pretty dumb errors and just feed confusion and uncertainty, and should be readily fixable - but it's disappointing to see things like this in an LTS release.

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