Really Taking It To Consumer Grade SSD Drives

SSD drives are an important technology that can provide fast, quiet and lower-power performance in many different settings. However, they are new enough and different enough that some questions remain about their durability. TechReport has taken it upon themselves to beat the snot out of a half dozen consumer SSD drives to see how they actually hold up - pretty well, actually. At this point, three drives are pushing up daises, and 1 Petabyte of data has been written to the survivors.
If you haven't been following along with our endurance experiment, this introductory article is a good starting point. It spends far more time detailing our test methods and system configurations than the brief primer we'll provide here.
The premise is straightforward. Flash memory has limited endurance, so we're writing data to a stack of SSDs to see how much they can take. We're checking health and performance at regular intervals, and we're not going to stop until all the drives are dead.

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