I Think I May Be Done With Windows

With most of my free time taken up by an Android tablet and a laptop running various flavors of Linux, I think I may be done with Windows. The only thing still tying me to Windows might have been gaming, but I do so little of that now it's really not an issue anymore. Windows 8 made me take a big step back, and the latest scuttlebutt on Windows 9 having yet another anti-piracy activation scheme makes me shy away from it also.  See the quote below from InfoWorld
...and Microsoft is working on new activation methods that will more closely tie a copy of Windows 9 with a specific PC.
It's not that I intend to pirate Windows of course, but I like to upgrade hardware from time to time and the new protection scheme sounds like it will be even more clunky to work with for home builders. 

I still am heavily involved with Windows at work, of course, and our home computer runs Windows 7 (and will keep running until it finally keels over, as far as I am concerned), but as far as my own computer needs during my own time, it's Linux and Android for the forseeable future.


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