Zorin OS 9 Core And Ultimate

This one seemed to arrive quicker than I expected - but Zorin OS 9 Core and Ultimate are here, based upon the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version (LTS=5 years of updates and support on that version). It does not seem like too long ago that I installed Zorin OS 8 on my laptop.

Ultimate is the paid version, while Core is free of charge. After a total of about 30 minutes (!) using this one, I have but one gripe/quibble - the Zorin folks decided to put a kind of a goofy skin on the default Firefox browser, which is not really to my taste. I'm going to live with it for a day or two (it's a theme, and can be readily removed), but my first impression was not good.

The login screen for Zorin 8 also seemed slicker to me, but I am not really a good arbiter of design. Apart form the dubious Firefox theme (see below), Zorin 9 seems to be a nice update to the previous version, with long-term support.
The main focus for Zorin OS 9 has been on stability and the refinement of Zorin OS’s wide array of incredible features. Firstly, Zorin OS 9 includes a myriad of updated software and bug fixes to ensure that your computer runs better than ever. New applications such as the Firefox Web Browser and Rhythmbox Music Player have also been included in this release. EFI boot support has been added, making it easier to get Zorin OS on newer computers (64 bit only). In addition, we have introduced a new Blue desktop theme to the Zorin Theme Changer in complement to the Light and Dark themes.
Click to enlarge the Firefox theme

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